Las Vegas Maternity Photographer {A Single Frame}

In the age of digital photography it seems like I am endlessly working hard to prove the old saying is still true, “Less is More”. Sometimes, I’ll admit I am just proving its still ‘true’ to my own self! I know of many wonderful photographers who hand their clients well over a hundred images on a CD from a one-hour portrait session, for a few hundred bucks. In turn, the client still ends up picking their top 5 or 10 to post on Facebook leaving the rest to quietly sit on a computer stored in a folder named, “Print these someday…”. Maybe its because I’m a bit old school and put value on custom products and services that I know I could get ‘cheeper’ at Walmart or some fast food chain. Maybe its because I am a person that likes to walk away from an experience with a finished product and not more work to do. Or maybe its because I’ve personally gone the cheeper route so many times paying for something that wasn’t exactly what I needed and still ended up going back and getting the more expensive item that ended up lasting forever!

In no way am a knocking down or discouraging photographers who provide services like this… I was THAT photographer my first couple of years. But as my portfolio grew along with my experience and education so did my client’s expectations. I found the trend of my handing them hundreds of images (that they loved!) sitting on their computer year after year, rather discouraging. This ultimately lead me to remodeling my entire business structure. I quickly found that when you offer a ‘turn and burn’ service you compete with hundreds of photographers. But as you move into a custom product or service your competition greatly reduces!

Of course, this client walked away with many more images from her shoot than this single frame… but no matter if I handed her 20 or 200 from her shoot that day, this would still be her favorite. This would still be the one she enlarges on a canvas and hangs on her baby boy’s bedroom wall. 🙂

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  • Lisa Holloway {Las Vegas Portrait Photographer} - This is absolutely GORGEOUS, Norina! She is stunning! And I wholeheartedly agree with your post here – 100%! Well said!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa W. - So well said! It is so sad that we have to compete with this type of market when we are putting our whole heart and souls into providing our clients with products that they will cherish and be proud to display. I hate the thought of them sitting on a shelf 🙁ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Lisa… and your work shows for it! Its nearly impossible to provide the quality & custom type of photography we do for pennies. 🙂 I have found that most of my (potential) clients really understand it once you breakdown all that is involved in what we do.ReplyCancel

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