About Maple Hill

Welcome to Maple Hill

I’m Norina and I am a blessed woman indeed. I love all things photography but even more than photography, I love the Lord and my amazing family. I fell in love with photography sometime in High School although it wasn’t until my first year of college at CCSN that I began to really pursue it as potential career. However, as a single mom at the time, I couldn’t see how my passion for photography would ever really pay the bills so sadly, I had to let it go. Years later when I married Michael and with the help of some amazing friends, Wesley and Linda Williams, I was able to start pursuing my photography dream once again! I started photographing mostly families from my church just to bring in a little extra income so that I could stay at home with my kids but it quickly grew into a full-time business. Its been 4-years now. While I still love photographing families, my passion has grown mostly in the direction of Wedding and Newborn photography.


About Maple Hill

Maple Hill was the name of street I grew up on, right here in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Throughout my life I’ve found myself rummaging through old photos to remember, reflect and relive this capsule of time that forever shaped the course of my life. Although I can never go back and relive these memorable everyday moments, I will forever treasure the images that help me never to forget.

Allow me to preserve your own ‘Maple Hill Experience’ through the art of photography. My creative point of view, fun-loving passion for my craft and dedication to excellence ensures not only an exceptional final product but also an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Maple Hill Photography was established as a professional photography studio serving the Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and Summerlin areas in 2009. Founded and owned by Norina Kaye Leyde, a Las Vegas Professional Photographer & Portrait Artist, Maple Hill is both fully licensed and insured.